Interior design advice neoclassical, classy

Design townhouse furniture neoclassical Currently, many homeowners are choosing. This is a style of design that brings elegance and sophistication to create an elegant and harmonious space. So when choosing neoclassical furniture homeowners need to remember and ensure what rules? How the layout is reasonable. Do not miss any of our information below to find the answer.

What is neoclassical interior design style?

Interior design neoclassical townhouses
Neoclassical style is a combination of modern and classical

Since the second half of the 18th century, neoclassical design ideas were well known. Later, this style quickly became the trend of every home. These interior design items in this style will inherit the classic style and reduce the cumbersome and sophisticated patterns. Instead use simpler details to fit the contemporary living space. Neoclassical interior design emphasizes on the walls and ceilings, using balanced shapes.

Interior design features neoclassical townhouses 

Creating delicate, luxurious space is a unique feature when choosing neoclassical interior design. This impressive space not only brings aesthetic beauty but also contributes to show the class of each homeowner. This is the style formed from European nobility and until now it is still very popular.

Colors in neoclassical style

Interior design neoclassical townhouses
Use soft colors as the dominant color

Use soft colors such as: poor, gray, blue, yellow or green as the dominant color. Use hot colors like black, red, yellow and orange to create accents for the walls and ceilings. Prioritize using floral motifs, moderately curved patterns to create an elegant and luxurious feeling.

Choose neoclassical furniture for townhouses 

The immutable rule when designing a neoclassical townhouse interior is symmetry. Use furniture that is not too heavy, the size is suitable for each room area. Marble floors and using Persian carpets would be a great suggestion for this style. You can also dabble with items from silk, brocade, linen or velvet. 

Interior design neoclassical townhouses
People are impressed with the beautiful curves in this design style

The beauty of the town house space is also created by beautiful curves. When they are placed next to each other will support, help each other shine, bringing the tune to fascinate. 

Neoclassical interior decoration

Often we will use a pot made of ceramic, statues that bring luxury to the space. Large mirrors, wall paintings or decorative ledges will help make the walls or ceilings more beautiful and eye-catching.

Construction of neoclassical townhouses interior

To create a perfect townhouse space with neoclassical style, you need to find a reputable design and construction unit. MV Construction Co., Ltd is now a prestigious interior design and construction service provider, trusted by many customers.

We own the team architect Having high professional qualifications, a deep understanding of each interior style. From there, it fully expresses the values and desires of the owner in each design product. Over the years, MV Construction Co., Ltd. specializes in consulting design and construction of neoclassical furniture for hundreds of thousands of townhouses, apartments, villas, ... Therefore, we are confident that we will make you satisfied. from surprise about the quality and prestige.

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