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Address: No. 5, Lane 30/18/11 Ta Quang Buu, HBT, HN

Acreage: 100m2

— 2013 —


From the entrance door - overall interior office design:

office design

It is said: "beautify yourself, then you can beautify everyone", thus Come In My House Well designed to create a comfortable workspace, for architects to design beautiful houses. Office design tries to bring out lines and materials that are cheap but reasonably designed. Makes office moivaonhatoi with a different image than other offices.

The usual offices are white, simple, less decorative, and the Office In My House looks like a cafe, or a family office.

Table of office tasks:

office design

The job board is placed in the position between the 2 floor levels, convenient for observation, and has searchlights to create emphasis and solemnity, with the following criteria:

"Moivaonhatoi will certainly handle the work quickly and on time."

Design of glass partition wall of director room:

office design

Room dividers are cut off negative decal letters, creating depth and emphasizing the brand name.

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Design in the director's office:

office design

Director room with quite special background.

The wall behind the director - perforated the company name:

office design

Do you see the green behind the MV logo?

What is that special feature? it is the wall cut through the word MV (company name, short for moivaonhatoi). Moivaonhatoi wants to make such a background because looking for a unique decoration, which applies to customers can be difficult to accept, so Moivaonhatoi applies it to himself to satisfy creativity.🙂

Behind the word MV is a green tree, which is also appropriate, because always has the thought: green trees contribute to making the work more beautiful and lively.

A view from the director desk workspace:

office design

The office is as sparkling as a cafe, inspiring to create beautiful constructions

Yard, relax outside the office after design:

office design

Not to be missed 1 overhead garden space, to make a yard, relax after work. And this is also the place of meetings, organizing dining of the company.

Overall pitch:


The ground is also relatively large and especially around the neighbors, so you can look very far ...



With the interests of nature and ornamental animals, should create small green space for your office.

Rockery at night:


Underneath the rockery, there is also an organism like an aquarium, incorporating a sparkling underwater light to look more sparkling. This is also a relaxing corner after every working hour.

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A corner to sit and rest after working hours "Office design":


The yard uses recessed light, wall lamp to look like a cafe design

Sitting here for a while will definitely come up with more ideas for new homes!

Because it is said, "Great thoughts often arise when walking."

P / S: Funny photo: At the end of working time, we also celebrate:


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