Fashion shop design
Fashion shop design
Fashion shop design


Address: 35 Hang Giay, Hanoi

Acreage: 10m2

Cost of construction: 45 million

Construction time: 7 days

— 2009 —


Shop design fashion with an area of 10m2, 2m05 high ceiling, multi-angular space, narrow back ... a difficult problem for architects ... or a problem with no answers, or there will be a very good answer, very lo-gic .

Moreover, with the business store, each passing day is a big waste. How would you answer this problem with only 3 days of design and 7 days of construction?

(You can calculate the cost and construction schedule: Quotations for finishing construction of apartment's interior)

Situation of fashion stores before designing:

You are invited to 35 Hang Giay to see a new construction of moivaonhatoi Please!

Answer 1: Design a simple fashion shop:

Fashion shop design

Simple = does not take up much space, simple = optimizes product display space.

Answer 02: Designing a store with a mirror ceiling:

Fashion shop design

Design store with Tran mirror! The solution seems quite convincing for the ceiling of only 2m05 high. The ceiling will be raised, the light in the store will be shimmering, especially, not available anywhere. Designing, drawing is easy but ... to implement it is not simple, because the ceiling requires new construction technology that in Vietnam is almost uncommon.

Where is the mirror ceiling for reference? Who has ever constructed and is able to execute this option?
And even though I found it ... how to fix a mirror on an uneven ceiling surface, how to tailor the mirror to fit into this angular room ...

Refer: Nail salon design

Mirror ceiling design at small fashion shop:

Fashion shop design

... But all those difficulties, just a little passion for the profession, a little meticulous, pursuing the plan, finally, Tran Mirror has been completed, invite you to admire.
It can be said that its beauty is associated with supernormal capabilities.

Mirrors can be used in wall tiles (and most are like that), refer to: Interior design restaurant I Like

Answer 03: "Post-doubling":

And in particular, the store design background will probably be the best, most logical answer to the difficult problem.

Fashion shop design

As you can see, the Background is made up of a half X-shaped printed glass, and a mirror to create the other half of the X.

This detail deceived the vision, doubled the background area, erased the narrow backside of the room.

The mirror arrays are also applied very effectively in Times City Parkhill Apartment Interior:


To see the miraculous effect of the mirror array in the interior, please see more Times City Parkill Apartment 

Design of fashion shop facade to create attention:

Refer to the decoration of the facade Design wedding photo studio JA Studio

X-Shop fashion store design:

Fashion shop design

Facade with other strange materials. The lights recall the mirror lamp of the vanity table, detailing the "fashion" style of this footwear store.

The fashion shop is designed to handle low ceilings (mirror ceiling), but what if the area is small? Refer BAY fashion store Handling increased space by using items that can "fly" into the air, please check it out!

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