Granite tiles now have a variety of styles and designs, making it easy to choose according to your preferences and needs. Granite tiles are also very popular today because of the aesthetic and functional advantages they bring.

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Granite tiles do not need to be baked, instead they are manufactured based on vibration technology and natural stone powder compression. Because the entire tile is a homogeneous block of materials, the surface color and the color of the skeleton are the same, creating a high aesthetic and harmony. Textures and textures are created using advanced 3D printing technology as well as colors created right in the process of pressing bricks, so you never have to worry about color flight.

granite tile manufacturing process

Granite tile consists of two surfaces: matte surface and glossy surface. The polished surface of granite tiles is created by modern polishing technology, not by glaze like other ceramic tiles. Therefore, granite tiles not only bring more polish and aesthetics, but they are also safe for the health of users.

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Granite tiles are increasingly favored by the outstanding advantages that they bring. Find out if these advantages meet your needs.

kitchen island island made of granite
  • Granite can be used for many different areas without worrying about the outside effects because the tiles have great bearing capacity and good scratch resistance.
  • Granite tiles are also easy to clean thanks to good fouling resistance and easy cleaning. Therefore, the tiles always look like new. In addition, Granite tiles are not bleached by detergents, so you can comfortably use light detergents to remove stubborn stains.
  • The aesthetics that the granite tiles possess is also thanks to the identical full-body skeletal structure. And also thanks to that, unfortunately chipped bricks are also hard to recognize.
  • Interestingly, the more granite tiles are used, the higher the gloss will be, unlike other ceramic tiles that will lose their enamel after long usage.
  • Granite tiles are created due to compacted structure combined with specialized glue so moss and mold will not occur. Besides, the water permeability of this type of brick is also very low, only accounts for 0.0001%. This is why granite tiles can be adapted to any type of living room, bedroom, and even the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Granite grain is very rich such as: stone grained brick, cement vein brick, wood vein brick, metal vein brick, ... Each product line is also polished with the most sophisticated design. If you have used granite tiles, it is also very difficult to distinguish with the naked eye wood grain or natural wood, cement brick or real cement. Perhaps only by feeling your hand can you tell the difference.


On the market today, there are various types of granite tiles with very rich designs. But we list here 3 types of granite tiles with the most common surface types:


Shiny granite tiles

This is certainly the type of granite tile that many homeowners now use because of the sleekness that it brings. They are brightly polished until even a tiny hole in the surface is filled. This polishing process helps light to reflect on the crystal structure in natural stone powder. The sleek beauty, the diverse colors of this granite tile make all living spaces turn up with a luxurious and elegant beauty.

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rough granite tiles

Granite tiles can also be increased or reduced according to the degree of grinding. Thanks to that, we also have granite tiles with rough or semi-glossy surface. Granite surface roughness is very suitable for flooring, especially with the space of the auxiliary works because it has very good anti-slip properties, and high natural durability.


rough granite tiles

This type of granite tiles is not glossy, even at first we thought it was natural stone. The surface of the brick is heated with temperatures up to 1100 degrees Celsius, causing the crystal particles from stone powder to break and change color, creating a rough appearance. They are suitable for outdoor construction, especially in damp places such as areas near swimming pools, rockery islands, ...

Now that you know about the common granite tiles today, as well as the common use of these tiles in interior design of houses. With the above knowledge, hopefully you will consider using granite tiles in the future to decorate your home if it suits your needs and aspirations.

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