Along with European and Arabic architecture, ancient Chinese architecture is also one of the important elements of world architecture. During its long development period, the ancient houses with Chinese architecture gradually created a feature in the design style between sophisticated sculpture and ingenious human ingenuity. Come to my house, I would like to introduce to you the pictures of the interior of the Chinese ancient houses so that you can better understand this unique architecture:  

Chinese antique house model

The most important feature of ancient Chinese architectural houses is the use of wooden pillars, ancient tile roofs, along with the sculpted patterns at the top of the roof to create a work of calendar value. big history. 

Chinese antique house model

The Chinese used a variety of building materials such as wood, stone, brick, tile, mud, and metal ... The old houses here were built of raw bricks creating a unique design, the the relatively small window of the wood, in the middle of the large lawn, becomes very attractive. 

Chinese antique house model

In ancient Chinese architecture using wooden columns, beams, supports, joists to create a strong skeleton of a house. Walls are only for covering around the house, not for the support effect, this is a difference in Chinese architecture. Some of the old Chinese houses use brick materials, designed to combine something modern like open balconies, large, arched doors, hexagonal windows. 

An ancient Chinese house was built with rough bricks, not plastered to create a rustic beauty, close, durable over time. The railing patterns are carved high art, creating a work of special spiritual value. 

Passing through the dome-shaped gate is the courtyard with red tiled bricks, a brick common in the countryside. 

The passageway between the domed areas, the walls are painted white, the sculptures on the roof are added to the works, making them more beautiful and attractive than ever.

Ancient Chinese common yard

Since ancient times, they mainly used wood to build houses and the technique of designing and handling their wood structures was ingenious. Each line of ancient Chinese architecture bears the direction of high aesthetics.

Chinese ancient worship board

Chinese feudal architecture is favored by the uniformity of the color blocks. Most gray, or deep brown is used a lot. The altar space is made of natural wood, with intricate designs and sculptures meticulously selected. 

The design of the altar in the ancient wooden houses is very sophisticated, highly artistic, despite experiencing ups and downs of the wind and rain, but still intact a long history value of the ancient Chinese houses Quoc.

Ancient Chinese house

Designing this circular walkway you can easily come across them in Chinese historical dramas.

Ancient Chinese home campus

The garden in the old houses has a fishbone-tiled walkway, the walls are mostly painted in white, very simple and gentle. 

Ancient Chinese home campus

The paved walkway stretches, the surrounding walls winding like soft silk bands. 

Ancient Chinese home campus

Modern Chinese architecture still lingers somewhere in the legacy of the ancestors left reflected in these ancient models, bridges across the houses to facilitate movement. 

Natural wooden benches are designed for visitors to rest while visiting. 

A bridge is designed across a small stream, with a combination of stones and red brick bricks, winding upwards, the open cells are turquoise patterns. 

The campus between ancient Chinese houses often has clear blue lakes, not too large but also creates a feeling of very airy and cool. 

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