Granite (also known as marble) is being used by many families for walling because it is the "darling" in the decorative industry. However, if not regularly maintained and cleaned, granite is prone to stains, breakage or even damage.

bathroom with white granite tiles

Therefore, MOIVAONHATOI would like to give you notes and ways to clean this elegant, elegant granite. Hopefully with the information we provide, you will have the right direction to always look like new wall tiles.

Method 1:

Granite polished glass cladding kitchen cabinets

A general rule of thumb for storing anything, including granite, is to clean and clean regularly to remove dust and dirt from time to time. But be aware that: do not use large quantities of water to clean the granite surface as it can make the stone condition worse. Remember that under no circumstances should liquid remain on walls or floors made of granite. To avoid that, after cleaning the surface of this stone, you need to immediately find a dry cloth to absorb water.

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Method 2:

Classic style living room interior

To keep granite shiny forever, you need to clean it properly. If you are looking for a cost-effective alternative, you can use neutral detergent mixed with water and gently wipe on the stone surface. Wipe even the smallest loopholes. And do not forget to immediately dry the granite after such cleaning.

Method 3:

marble walling wall array

Granite is also easy to stain, or change color if encountering cooking oil, or greasy products. To clean granite in case of accidental oil on the wall, you can immediately use soap and water to wipe, then dry the wall to stain no longer sticking to it.

Method 4:

Stylized black marble wall

Granite when encountering acidic objects is easily discolored. Therefore, if you accidentally splash vinegar or citric acid on the wall, you can clean it by taking a piece of cloth and immediately wiping granite. If you do not handle quickly, this substance will penetrate the wall, and it is difficult to solve anymore.

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Method 5:

granite wall tiles living room

Wine, beer, and tea are not only dirty liquids, but they can also stain granite. The stain on this granite is also very difficult to fade, so you must find a solution to clean it right away. The common way to get rid of these dirty liquids is to use hydrogen peroxide, add a few drops of ammonia, and wipe away with a cloth.

With these simple methods, surely everyone can easily do it. Just work hard and follow some granite cleaning instructions that we provide, you will always be assured that your wall is always clean and shiny.

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