Decorative wall tiles are very popular today. It is used not only in the indoor space, but also in the facade of the house to bring outstanding beauty and elegance.

Decorative wall tiles have very diverse designs to help you spoiled for choice. Let's find out the hottest decorative wall tiles right now with MOIVAONHATOI!


Decorative wall tiles are often designed to resemble natural stones in terms of color, texture, pattern, and size. Brick wall tiles have a very diverse size. For small spaces you can choose 25 x 40 cm bricks, while larger spaces 60 x 60 cm bricks are the most appropriate.

Imitation stone wall tiles

Imitation stone wall tiles with luxurious stone lines can be applied to any space. Moreover, this brick has a thickness of about 1cm for many sizes, helping to ensure both aesthetics and durability.


Brick only wall tiles

Decorative wall tiles are very diverse in material and size, giving you many choices. Wall tiles of the most common sizes are: 10 x 20 cm, and 8 x 24 cm used for decoration. Some of the larger sizes that we often see in this type of tile are 30 x 60 cm, or 40 x 80 cm, which helps reduce the connection ron circuit, bringing high aesthetics. 10 x 10 cm bricks are also combined with each other to create a prominent highlight compared to the decoration using other large size bricks.


Antique imitation bricks are decorative wall tiles made from the original large bricks, smaller members at the workshop. Antique brick wall tiles are also available in many different sizes, but to achieve the most realistic, bricks of size 5.5 x 20 cm, or 7 x 22 cm are still the most popular. Typically, this tile pattern is only used to decorate accents in a certain space, but it must not be paved for the entire wall array because it will create a heavy, dark feeling.

Kitchen wall tiles

However, if your home is oriented in an ancient, nostalgic style, then old antique bricks of 20 x 120 cm size, or 20 x 80 cm can be used to lay the floor. This tile pattern is often used to decorate showrooms, coffee shop, restaurants, movie theaters, old-fashioned, rustic, casual but elegant houses.

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Decorative wall tiles are made of plastic materials, manufactured with advanced technology, suitable for many different spaces. Plastic is inherently a material with poor bearing capacity, so it is only used for tile wall in the house. But in return, it has a very diverse design: you want plastic wall tiles with imitation of brick, stone, or imitation of wood, all of which are available, but the authenticity is also very high.

Imitation wood plastic tiles, the facade of the house

Some of the common plastic wall tiles that we can list are: 15 x 90cm glue-proof plastic tiles, and 14.5 x 90.6 cm locked wall-type plastic tiles.


Decorative wall tiles are made of clay, and baked at high temperatures to create a certain hardness. Usually baked bricks are red, with different sizes depending on the structure of the bricks. Solid bricks can be found, 2-hole bricks, 4-hole bricks, or 6-hole bricks.

exterior wall tiles

If you want to have a space of rustic and simple traditional beauty, baked wall tiles is a solution you should think about. The size of each type of fired brick is: 20.5 × 9.5 × 5.5 cm for dense bricks, 22 × 10.5 × 60 cm for 2-hole bricks, and 8 x 8 x 18cm for 4-hole bricks.


Decorative wall tiles are similar to stone tiles. They are very diverse in design, and size. Tiles have the smallest size of 5 x 5 cm, while the largest size up to 80 x 80 cm. Current houses are often tiled with ceramic tiles with dimensions of 20 x 40 cm, or 300 x 600 mm, creating harmonious beauty.

Glass tile interior

But there is a small note to you that: ceramic tiles are not good durability, and can be broken on the glaze when outdoor temperatures impact. So if you use this decorative wall tile pattern, you need to have proper preservation and maintenance.


To save costs, while ensuring a unique aesthetic, rough brick wall tiles are a good solution for you. However, when using this pattern of wall tiles to decorate the house, attention should be paid to cleaning the circuit of bricks to ensure the beauty.

rough bricks outside walls

Raw brick wall tiles also depend on the size of the structure. Raw solid bricks have dimensions of 195 x 90x 55 mm, rough bricks with 2 holes are 180 x 80 x 45 mm, rough bricks 4 are 180 x 80 x 80 mm, 6-hole rough bricks are 195 x 135 x 90 mm.

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The size of the wall tiles depends on the exterior space using this brick.

For wall card tiles used for the facade: the bricks used usually have dimensions of 5 x 20 cm, or 6 x 24 cm. These small size bricks ensure good expansion under the changing conditions of weather, temperature and humidity. At the same time, the small bricks will also stick better on the wall of the facade for a long time.

Exterior wall tiles

If the bricks can be used to wall the garden: the appropriate size is 30 x 60 cm, or it can be larger than 40 x 80 cm. The large size of such bricks ensures the reduction of dirty grating lines, making it easier to clean.


This is a decorative wall tile pattern which is promised to be a new trend of the era. It is produced by the best interior printing technology today, bringing art space into your home with vivid 3D beauty.

3D tiles paving the living room wall

Brick line 3D wall tiles with outstanding advantages such as: luxurious glass material, vivid beauty, and easy construction. With those special features, it is used in every space, especially in the living room - the face of the whole house.

Above is the basic information about the hottest decorative wall tiles today. Hopefully, you have the answer for me about which tiles to choose for the walls in your house.

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