Cách thiết kế nội thất office greatly affect the performance of employees. A beautiful office, with full utilities, bringing its own characteristics, is also suitable Feng Shui sure to bring endless inspiration at work.

MOIVAONHATOI would like to give you extremely important notes in the way office interior design. Hopefully, with the instructions below, you will have a nice office that can please any employee.

1. Use in office furniture

An office that meets the needs is the first thing you need to keep in mind if you want to create the best working environment for your employees. Office uses include: interior layout, lighting, sound control, etc.

layout in the design of office furniture

When arranging the office you need to consider factors such as: how many employees? How to arrange the departments? How to place office equipment (cabinets, printers, ...) appropriately and ensure productivity? Answering these questions, you will have the most scientific office furniture design.

Office layout

The most popular layout currently in the way office design Working is creating an open space. The rigid walls dividing the departments are omitted, to create a natural connection, making it easy for the department to interact and exchange jobs. Open office style is a good idea that you should not ignore.

light in the office

An indispensable condition in the way the office is designed is lighting. To ensure this factor, you must choose the right kind of lights. Offices often use white light of tube, downlight, or buffalo eye lamp, etc. In addition, you can refer to the yellow light because it will help employees concentrate when working.

Light in office interior design

And to avoid stressing the eyes, bringing natural light into the office with large tempered glass doors is also worth paying attention to.

2. Aesthetics in the way of office interior design

The office is not only full of utilities but also beautiful, isn't it? An office achieves a high level of aesthetics thanks to the choice of furniture, and reasonable decoration will make us more interested in work than ever before.

office furniture

When designing an office, one way that you can choose to choose the furniture is culturally associated with the company. But here we also give you some helpful suggestions you can apply:

For offices, the most important items are probably desks and chairs. Regarding chairs, you should choose a type of swivel chair that can move flexibly, helping employees feel more relaxed during work. And to reduce the pressure on the back, and the neck, the soft cushioned seats made of high-quality cotton or rubber are the most ideal choice.

Furniture in office design

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Regarding the table, you should learn the trend of choosing large format tables, according to the model of library space so that employees can see each other, making it easy to exchange work. The table is removable for easy expansion and contraction, depending on the number of employees.

Office interior decoration

A few small decorative items but also make the workspace become brighter, and more accent. Small green tubs are very popular in office interior design today. It brings bright, fresh beauty to the entire office.

Decorative materials in the office

And the paintings with rich artistic touch are placed in the right places will make the emotions of the viewer look better, creating more inspiration for creativity at work.

3. Featured in office furniture design style

Each company will have its own culture and characteristics to distinguish it from other companies. The image of a business brand not only lies in the media campaigns, but also in the design of office furniture. Since such a core must also show its own characteristics, all other things follow the company's identity.

The suggestion for you is to think deeply about the brand image you want to build, then convey it in an interesting, creative way into the workspace.

Interior design office with its own characteristics

For example, if your company is aiming for professionalism and modernity, the way of designing office furniture must also be organized, scientific and luxurious. Or your company towards creative features, unique, the combination of outstanding colors, the furniture will not be more reasonable where.

4. Feng shui in the design of office furniture

Want the company to prosper, meet many advantages, employees love each other, the feng shui element in the way office interior design is also worth considering.

Factors such as: door direction, window placement, arrangement of office tools / supplies, feng shui trees, feng shui articles (gems, blessed statues, unicorns, ...) are all more or less affecting businesses. So you need to pay attention to these factors before designing office furniture offline!

Interior design feng shui office

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Above is the design of office furniture that MOIVAONHATOI has synthesized. If you want to receive any further advice on office design, please read the articles on: website, fanpage, and contact us immediately!

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