For any business, the human factor is always the most important. Therefore, to increase work efficiency, the workspace is something that cannot be overlooked and ignored. A new good working space evokes a lot of creativity, creates a lot of inspiration for employees. So let's find out about interior design with MOIVAONHTOI office How to increase work efficiency?

Personal space

personal office interior design

Depending on the size of the office and the density of employees, choose furniture accordingly. Look for furniture such as desks, chairs, etc. to create comfort for employees. In addition, arrange workspaces for employees with appropriate proportions. Designing a convenient office space will help them make the most of their personal space.

Light in office interior design

light in office interior design

One factor that will directly affect people during working time is light. Try to find spaces that can receive natural light, arrange windows to balance the light from the lights. Harmonious combination of artificial light and natural light will help the eyes have better reflection. In addition, the lighting design in harmony with the furniture makes the office more beautiful and easier to see.

Green space design

green space design in the office

 Planting trees in the office has a great effect in reducing stress, helping to refresh the spirit. In addition, trees also help improve ambient air quality. A study found that 82% people who work in spaces with trees and windows help them reduce stress, feel comfortable and increase work efficiency.

Office interior design is an aspect that helps people work efficiently thanks to a good workspace. Factors such as utilities, light, green space help people relax more. Please contact MOIVAONHATOI immediately to get the office design Beautiful, comfortable to improve the quality of work.

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