Design 80m2 apartment 3 bedrooms comfortable, luxurious

Căn hộ chung cư đang dần trở nơi an cư được nhiều gia đình lưa chọn. Với những căn hộ 80m2 3 Bedroom thì việc kiến tạo không gian sao cho thoải mái và hợp lý là thực sự cần thiết. Tham khảo 80m2 3 bedroom apartment design below to have your own ideas for your home.

What should be noted in designing the interior of 80m2 3 bedroom apartment?

You know a beautiful apartment is not an apartment that owns an expensive item or is placed in a high-end project. The "beautiful" factor needs a harmonious combination between the interior comfort and the aesthetic value that the item brings to the apartment. In 80m2 3 bedroom apartment design You need to keep in mind the following:

Define your interior design style 

Style interior design là yếu tố đầu tiên bạn cần tìm hiểu. Bạn cần hiểu rõ bản thân đang muốn được sở hữu không gian sống như thế nào. Bạn thích sự tối giản của phong cách hiện đại hay thích sự hoa mỹ của phong cách cổ điển. Hay bạn lại thích sự tổng hòa của neoclassical furniture.

Talk about your likes and dislikes. From there, the architect will easily come up with a specific solution to meet your needs and desires.

Create a unified theme for 80m2 apartment interior

Design apartment interior 80m2 3 bedrooms unified theme to implement the ideas that they plan. To make everything easy and perfect you should have a conversation with the architects. You know, from concept to reality, to construction, sometimes it will be completely different. 

After getting the designer's opinion you can boldly develop the theme for your apartment. You can freely choose topics about nature, people to get the perfect Concept.

Arranging the interior of the apartment 80m2 so that it is reasonable 

Beautiful interior design is not enough. You need the harmony between the size and color of each item. This helps you avoid objects that are too small compared to the space or vice versa, it takes up too much space making you feel stuffy. 

Color is essential when designing the interior of a 3 bedroom 80m2 apartment 

Color not only shows the personality of each homeowner, but it also creates accents for the space. If we choose opposite colors, it will cause chaos and discomfort. On the contrary, the room will be extremely boring if you only use a gloomy tone. Also when Interior design of the apartment You should also learn to choose the right color to help enhance prosperity. 

Pay attention to the interior design of the 80m2 apartment building to create a highlight 

In addition to the harmony, ensuring comfort, interior design of the 80m2 3-bedroom apartment needs attention to create a highlight. As we have shared, the choice of colors and sizes of objects that are too equal or too different creates a unique flaw for the space.

To limit this, you need to reconcile and create accents for the space. Ceiling lights, pictures, flower pots, bookshelves can be used to attract the eye.

Refer to the beautiful and impressive interior design of the 80m2 3-bedroom apartment

To help you have more beautiful interior design ideas, we would like to introduce to you the interior of the 80m2 3 bedroom apartment. This is a project done in the apartment building Park Hill 5 Times City.

Apartment living room design

The apartment is designed in a modern style to bring an extremely airy space. All objects are minimalistic with emphasis on usability.

Design apartment 80m2 3 living room
Modern design style creates an open space

Sofa set uses warm yellow colors that are flattering with impressive dotted walls. The wall behind the back is designed with stone cladding and mirrors to create a deep space. This is a Greek White Granite, with a light color and a sharp, beautiful vein.

Apartment kitchen design

design apartment 80m2 3 bedrooms
Kitchen thiết kế đơn giản với sự sắp xếp hài hòa của món đồ

The kitchen is minimalistic with items: kitchen cabinets, storage cabinets. Design high quality wooden kitchen cabinets with space for a large 2-wing refrigerator. At first glance we can feel the ingenuity in this design. The items placed side by side create harmony. You eat pure white combined with 4-legged seats to create the right space.

Convenient Master bedroom design

Design apartment 80m2 3 bedrooms
The parent bedroom is simply designed, using a reflective mirror to help expand and open the space
Design apartment 80m2 3 bedrooms
The girl's bedroom uses the main pink tone to create cuteness. Bookcases combined with study desks create convenience and comfort.
Design bedroom for boys
Boys bedroom has a simple design using blue to bring health and strength

Above are principles of the design of an 80m2 3 bedroom apartment. Hope this information will have more ideas for you. Contact us for more detailed advice on the design of your family's apartment.

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