Designing of town houses according to feng shui fortune, calling success

Town house design Feng Shui Currently, many homeowners focus on the desire to be able to attract fortune and increase the sand and gas for the family. According to experts, the arrangement of rooms in the house in a harmonious and reasonable manner will create a more eye-catching space. Besides, it also helps all members to feel comfortable and safe.

Overview of townhouse design from feng shui perspective

Townhouses are houses that are distributed in divisions and appear very early in the integration of the country. These houses are often small in size under 100m2 with the characteristics of small facades, deep runs, narrow and long shapes. It is these limitations that work Feng shui town house design special attention should be paid to the indoor airflow in a stable and harmonious circulation.

General design feng shui town house
General design feng shui town house

In terms of shape, townhouses built from 3 to 5 floors will favor the five elements of Wood in feng shui, so it is often combined with the high-pitched roof architecture representing the five elements of Fire. According to the birth-carrying relationship of the Five Elements, Wood born Fire will help homeowners attract a lot of luck, successful work, and happy family.

Usually, the architecture of the townhouse according to feng shui will have an open face in front, the two sides and the back are adjacent to the surrounding apartments. This helps the space to be airy and the circulation between energies is also favorable.

Cách bố trí các phòng trong nhà phố hợp phong thủy

Not only exterior but also when Feng shui town house design We need to pay special attention to the layout, interior arrangement. Usually each town house will be divided into rooms such as: living room, bedroom, kitchen, church room, bathroom, ... Each space will require its own design principles to create the most comfortable when reuse ensures feng shui elements in it.

Design of living room space with feng shui town house

The living room is considered the "heart" of the whole house. In feng shui design with age, the living room belongs to the Yang element. Therefore, the interior of the living room of the townhouse needs to create a spacious space and no obstructions. This helps the air flow and spread the space evenly.

In terms of shape, the living room of the town house should be square or push designed to be stable. This will help family members feel warm and most comfortable. Moreover, from a feng shui perspective, a square or round shape is an ideal condition to help accumulate good energy, gossiping for the whole family.

Living room design according to feng shui town minimalist to create coziness
Living room design according to feng shui town minimalist to create coziness

Sofa sets are also a factor to consider Feng shui town house design. Homeowners should choose U-shaped Sofa to ensure the fortune will be gathered at the central location. Choosing greenery destiny not only creates fresh air but also helps to increase energy, fine sand and air flow. Some popular tree species that the owner can choose such as tiger tongue, talented tree, ...

Interior design of the kitchen according to Feng Shui

The kitchen represents the fortune generating good energy for the members. So when designing feng shui townhouses for a kitchen-dining room, homeowners should design a deep room. One side of the kitchen faces the main door, the other side should face an open space such as a balcony or an interior space.

Feng shui town kitchen kitchen design should avoid the direction of the kitchen with water
Feng shui town kitchen kitchen design should avoid the direction of the kitchen with water

The kitchen is a place to prepare food to bring nutrients to the body. Therefore, homeowners should not place the kitchen in the Northwest direction because this is the direction of the death position of the Fire element. Homeowners should avoid placing the stove or all fire-generating equipment out of the northwest to avoid danger.

A next point of note, homeowners should avoid arranging the kitchen near the toilet because it will be contaminated with unclean sources for the whole house.

Feng shui bedroom design

Bedrooms are considered private spaces in the house. It helps people have moments of rest and relaxation after a tiring day of work.

Bedrooms should be located in a good palace and look towards the good direction of the owner
Bedrooms should be located in a good palace and look towards the good direction of the owner

In the design of feng shui townhouses, the bedroom should be located in a good bow looking in a good direction, ie the owner's feet should turn in a good direction. In addition, you should keep in mind some notes in feng shui bedroom architecture as follows:

  • Do not put many trees in the room
  • Do not use cluttered decorative items in the couple's bedroom because it has an adverse effect on marriage.
  • Do not turn the head of the bed directly to the window or door because it creates a sense of insecurity and is not good for health.
  • Do not install ceiling fans or hoods because in feng shui it will be detrimental to all members.

Interior layout of the church room according to feng shui

The altar room is a miniature spiritual world, which expresses gratitude and respect to the deceased loved ones. So church room design Feng shui townhouses are also many people mind.

Hướng đặt bàn thờ là lưu ý rất quan trọng, hướng đó cần “tọa cát hướng cát”. Tức ở đây bàn thờ cần đặt vào cung cát lợi, hướng của bàn thờ quay về một cung cát lợi khác. Trên tất cả năm sinh của gia chủ sẽ quyết định tới việc lựa chọn hướng:

Homeowners of the East, should place the altar in one of the following directions: North, Southeast, East or South.

Homeowners of the West, the direction of the altar should be placed in the direction: West, Northwest, Northeast or Southwest.

Thiết kế nhà phố phong thủy cho cầu thang

The staircase represents the backbone of a townhouse, it connects floors. If designed with feng shui stairs, the house will have a lot of good energy, limiting the surrounding siege.

Feng shui stairs should be placed in a good palace
Feng shui stairs should be placed in a good palace

When placing stairs you should place in a good bow, the last step of the ladder turns in good direction. Attention should be paid to the total number of stairs in a floor and the stairs of the entire house should be divided by 4 remainder 1 or 2 to obtain the Palace of Birth and the Old Palace. The design of the final step up and down the ladder is not directed to the door or hit the toilet because it will cause discord, market, confusion.

Focus Feng shui town house design is a necessary job to help the owner to increase fortune, attack fame, call success and luck. Hope the above information will be useful for you. In the process of designing townhouses according to your age, you encounter any difficulties, please contact us immediately for advice and answers.

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