• Project: Dang Xa Urban Area Apartment, Gia Lam
  • Style: Minimalist, light

Mini apartments have become the choice of many families with few members but still meet the convenience that it brings. But how to design furniture to both exude the homeowner's style but also bring comfort and save travel space for the homeowner is the top priority. With design project apartment interior Mini Dang Xa - Gia Lam urban area has been designed by us and fully meets those requirements.

Let's explore this mini apartment designed by the team of architects MOIVAONHATOI!

overall mini apartment space

Với không gian nhỏ hẹp của căn chung cư, chúng tôi đã interior design sao cho vừa đáp ứng được về mặt thẩm mĩ của căn nhà cũng vừa tối giản nội thất để tiết kiệm diện tích cho toàn bộ không gian này. Gồm có: phòng khách, kitchen, 2 Bedroom, phòng vệ sinh đều toát lên sự tinh tế qua mỗi gian phòng.

mini apartment living room design

The living room is the place where the whole family often gathers and welcomes guests, so it is extremely important to design the interior so that the space is reasonable. Arrange a long felt sofa system with single sofas around the coffee table to match the apartment's floor plan and help the room have many diverse sitting positions. Use more colorful pillows to enhance the lively look here. On the gray wall will be decorated with more art paintings to bring a more comfortable and attractive feeling when sitting here.

Opposite is a multi-purpose wooden shelf placed close to the wall to bring convenience to the owner. The design of the buffalo eye lamp system along the house also helps this space become brighter and more luxurious.

mini apartment kitchen design

This place is designed with two separate spaces: the kitchen and the dining table. The balcony door is airy, receiving a lot of outdoor light, so a simple wooden dining table with 4 chairs will be the perfect choice. In this small space with minimal furniture, it still creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere when the family gathers here.

The patterned brick wall design helps to make the room more unique, and also makes it easier for homeowners to clean. Cabinet system L shaped kitchen Unique with pure white color helps the space become bright. Fully installing comfortable furniture for this space helps the overall room become cozy and comfortable for housewives.

design master bedroom mini apartment

With this small space, minimalist furniture is extremely important. The design of a wooden wardrobe with high handles and high ceilings brings more space and space savings. Installing a unique ceiling-dropping night light system, bringing more peace and beauty every time you step in here. The arrangement of a small dressing table and a round mirror at the large window is a reasonable choice to bring more comfort and comfort when receiving sunlight.

The end of the bed is designed with a compact extension system, along with a tall wooden bookshelf that brings convenience, can both decorate and store things, and also make this space more eye-catching without being secretive. . It will be more unique if you decorate with beautiful art paintings here.

small apartment child bedroom design

Here is the sample bedroom design most popular girl. Using gentle pink combined with pure white makes the overall room more beautiful. The unique bed design in the shape of a house, decorated with rattan decorations around makes the bedroom bright and sophisticated. The arrangement of a long wooden bar to decorate the pictures that children have, tents or teddy bears around also make this room more dreamy and lovely than ever.

Design a pull-out wardrobe system with a compact bookshelf, which both saves space and makes the space brighter by the white color of wood.

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