Consulting design living room beautiful, luxurious and modern

Are you having a headache in designing? apartment living room? Do you want to have a comfortable, convenient, unique, luxurious and modern space? In this article, our architects will advise Nice apartment living room design for your reference.

Design beautiful living room apartment

Open space design

The living room is the face of the apartment, which is the living place of all family members. So that Apartment living room design Need to ensure ventilation, comfort to create the most comfortable sleep. At that time, you can choose to design in a modern style, minimizing intricate and complex decorative details.

At the same time design large living room doors, using aluminum frame glass door system. This will help the room look airy, tidy, brighter, make the most of natural light and wind to help circulate air. Moreover, when Nice apartment living room design, the replacement of the dry hard walls with glass also creates a luxury and modernity, helping the house is always full of life, fortune, luck.

Choose the living room color

When designing a beautiful living room apartment, neutral light colors are always the first choice to create a friendly feeling, the room as spacious, bright, airy. However, do not misunderstand that all furniture is neutral, it will make the room boring and cold.

Get attention, show your subtlety by combining colors nicely. Take the main color throughout the room as a light color, combining harmoniously the contrasting tones with wall murals, pillows, rugs under the table, ...

Apartment living room design

Choose living room furniture

The living room needs to be adorned with modern and eye-catching interior products, but still have to be consistent in design style as well as color and size. Apartment living room is often limited in area so it is desirable Nice apartment living room design need to minimize when designing furniture, choosing simple products, not too many sophisticated patterns. By decorating too many items with too many undulating lines will only make the room more cramped, mysterious, cumbersome, confused.

The highlight of the living room is the sofa, so choose a sofa with bright colors, simple design, courteous, sophisticated, modern. Above, place a few pillows to accentuate the space. In addition, you can also order a few more pots of flowers and ornamental plants. The space of the room will be more lively, full of energy, bringing a sense of relaxation, lightness and peace.

Introduce the design of beautiful apartment living room

Northern living room design Northern Diamond Long Bien

Here homeowners choose a style design, using 3 basic colors are white, gray and gold. The combination of soothing colors, along with the tonal tone to the feeling of relaxation, comfort, creates exquisite beauty, courtesy and elegance.

Design beautiful living room apartment

The plasterboard ceiling of the living room of this apartment is only 2.6m, but it has been extended to increase the height to install ceiling fans to avoid the feeling of entanglement, low ceiling.

On the wall hanging the TV, there is a set of door branches disguised with wood grain wallpaper similar to the wall. The TV wall will look wider, creating a seamless line.

Interior design of living room apartment Linh Dam

The main color tone for Designing a nice living room style in Linh Dam đó là màu xanh nước biển, tạo cảm giác mát mắt, tinh thần thư giãn mỗi khi bước vào nhà. Nổi bật lên trên nền xanh là những nội thất bằng gỗ sồi có màu nâu nhạt, tạo thành phong cách Scandinavian nhẹ nhành, đơn giản mà vẫn mang tính thẩm mỹ cao.

Designing the living room of Royal City apartment

The living room of this apartment is designed by architects in color. The brown leather sofa set synchronized with the furniture, the black octagonal table is the same color as the table legs, which stand out on the pale yellow floor and painted white walls. The ceiling is decorated with more chandeliers to ensure brightness, creating a unique for the whole room.

Interior design beautiful apartment

Large glass windows combined with simple curtains help the room make the most of the wind and natural light but also avoid harsh sunny days.

The above are suggestions for Nice apartment living room design, comfortable, luxurious, modern and some of the apartment living room models we have designed. Hopefully this share will help you to have your own unique and beautiful design ideas.

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