If you are a resident of Times City (Hanoi), or just a person who often visits Times City, you will not be unfamiliar with the restaurant cafe GREEN COFFEE HOUES with a unique design with lots of trees, relaxing corners, nice photo-taking check-in and pretty good drinks. When the cafe came into operation and became known to many people, Invite In My House was also honored to be the designer and constructor of the cafe. To understand more about the interior spaces, the construction process of GREEN COFFEE, invite you with MV to take a tour back in time when the shop was in the design and construction period!


Address: T11 Building - Times City - 458 Minh Khai, Hanoi

Acreage: 1st floor: 110m2, 2nd floor: 150m2

Cost of construction: 1,000,000,000 VND (see details at the end of the article)

Construction time: 29 days

—November 2020—


GREEN COFFEE HOUSE – 1st and 2nd floor:

master plan 2 floors cafe Hanoi

Green Coffee House cafe has a total area of 260m2 including 1st Floor: 110m2, 2nd Floor: 150m2, with over 100 seats arranged thanks to reasonable ground design, flexible seating spaces, such as podiums, no chairs, etc. Children's play area…


Photo of the current status of the main door of the cafe when receiving the handover:

the status of the front gate is spacious, green coffee shop

The main door of the cafe has a fixed architecture of the building that cannot be changed. The MV uses additional cladding materials that are both Green in nature and do not affect the overall beauty of the Times City urban area.

Main door during construction:

the process of installing a green tree system at the gate of Hanoi coffee shop

The design and construction of the cafe took place very quickly. Taking the design idea with the theme of GREEN COFFEE HOUSE, MOIVAONHATOI used a Vertical Garden with real trees of different types of green plants mixed together, creating a vibrant green color. This is also the highlight and set of "identification" for customers every time they enter this cafe.

Other corners outside the cafe:

Another angle when viewed from the outside to the main entrance
Imitation green cafe facade design

This is a picture of the restaurant in operation. From a distance, it can be seen that the main door with the shop's sign and logo is also eye-catching green, creating a very unique attraction filled with green, customers seem to be entering a flower garden in the middle of an urban area.

Compare 3D and reality to see that the MV is always designed and constructed more accurately and beautifully than 3D.
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Green Coffee House was built in a very short time of 29 days, including heavy items such as rebuilding the stairs. It is thanks to MV's professional construction and supervision process and construction experience, we invite you to go back in time to better understand our implementation process.

a/ 3D design:

3D design from right angle to Hanoi coffee shop

Green Coffee is mainly designed with natural colors such as: Green of plants, light yellow of unpainted rustic wood, placed on plain white walls and ceilings.

b/ Starting interior construction and installation:

construction of green tree coffee shop on the first floor

The photo above is the construction process until the interior is finished (ignore the photo of the rough renovation: masonry, plaster ceiling, paint...). The bar area, with a low-level jerk ceiling, made of wood-plastic corrugated iron, creates a highlight for the bar area, both aesthetic and highlighting to help customers locate the space when Walk into the bar and order a drink.

c/ Until the wooden floor is laid:

construction of green tree coffee shop on the first floor

The room seems to put on a new coat after each construction stage, the picture above is after parquet flooring. The cafe is designed using a 4mm wood grain plastic floor with a lock, just as beautiful as a wooden floor, but still guaranteed to be 100% water resistant, anti-warping and open because it has a lock.

d/ And when the construction is completed:

The image of the shop after construction is as beautiful as other cafes on the market such as Starbucks, Urban and has its own quality - Green style, but what about the cost? You will surely be surprised by it.

Green Coffee House cafe is the first shop of the GREEN COFFEE chain, so it should be invested with minimal costs. In the market, a cafe or restaurant that you often see in a Trade Center will have an average investment of VND 6,000,000 to VND 9,000,000/m2, but here, this No. 1 Green Coffee establishment only The norm is in the range of VND 3,000,000 to VND 4,000,000/m2 equal to 50%, so the materials are calculated and designed by Moivaonhatoi to be the most beautiful, the most durable, but still have to be cost-optimized. Going into the article, you will have a better understanding of how to choose materials as well as the cost of materials cafe design this.

View from the main entrance:

a/ 3D design:

design Hanoi cafe front corner

The main entrance is designed with many trees, raw wood materials, and the color scheme makes customers feel relaxed every time they enter.

b/ Current photo:

the incomplete status quo of the first floor of the times city cafe

The current state of the main entrance, this empty and sketchy space, will in the next 20 days turn into a well-maintained interior work, visited by many customers?

c/ Construction process:

process of assembling shop furniture times city

The image above is the interior construction and installation process, which is being implemented at night time, to ensure the progress of the project.

Green Coffee is deployed in a very short time, MV company commits to the investor to build in 30 days, more than 1 day will be fined 3 million / day. As a result, MV completed the construction earlier than the set target, cleaned and handed over on the 29th. It can be said that, with a lot of construction experience, MV can calculate and commit to the construction time. accurately for customers, benefiting customers with many costs in business.

d/ And when done:

You can compare before and after pictures to see the difference. The main entrance of the cafe with the brand name GREEN COFFEE HOUSE, on the side is a shelf displaying decorative decorations that increase the vibrancy, the design of the blue dispensing counter is similar to the identity color of the shop, along with the hanging tree system. above, as unique as sitting under a tree. The green-brown color scheme is harmonious, creating a beautiful image of the restaurant, and this will definitely be a place to return to many times for any guest who visits.

View from the right side, from Status to Construction and Completion – Status:

The status quo on the first floor of the cafe

To achieve the progress of 30 days under strict construction conditions by the management of Vincom's booth is the great effort of the company team.

Shophouse located in the management area of Vincom commercial center, and the construction conditions of Vincom space do not allow noise, all drilling work can only be done in 2 hours / day from 7 am to 9 am, a very difficult time. to arrange construction workers. At that time, workers must arrive very early, avoid traffic jams, drill a series of screw holes in advance for 1 day of construction. This is the strictest construction condition among MV's projects.

construction of raw materials on the 1st floor

This is an important stage that determines the perfection of the room, it is necessary to have a solid foundation. Therefore, we are very careful and meticulous in the selection of construction materials and construction of the Times City cafe so that it is accurate and the most beautiful.

step by step installation of furniture for Hanoi cafe space

The assembly and construction of the furniture took place in the night, the MOIVAONHATOI team quickly installed according to the plan, selected wood materials and built the shelves in accordance with the 3D design.

And when the process of interior construction and systems in the room has been completed. Wooden partitions containing trees are placed in the middle to separate and create a separate space for each customer to drink this Green Coffee House cafe.

The highlight with a wooden cabinet decorated with many decorative vases and flower pots, installing more LED lights inside creates a very unique highlight in the process of designing the green cafe.

Different corners are designed with different seats to create a lively, diverse way of sitting, suitable for many groups of people from sitting alone, in pairs, sitting in groups. With this corner are coffee brown long sofa sets suitable for groups of 4-6 people.


View from the stairs looking down – Status:

Construction photo from above overlooking the 1st floor of the times city restaurant

Image of the cafe in the process of rough construction, demolition and renovation. This is the core part of changing the current spatial structure and reshaping the new traffic space for the shop.

Looking down from the top, you will see all the general beauty of this first floor space, get all the natural light outside, you can rest assured to enjoy the coffee with full of green color that we have designed. placed in each corner.

Color The first floor is designed in a rustic style with dark brown wood floors, and oak wood furniture and chairs as a natural backdrop to enhance the green space of the restaurant. The highlight on that background is the flower pots and green grass that have contributed to cool the eyes and cool the spirit of the guests who visit the shop.

Compare 3D and reality to see that the MV is always designed and constructed more accurately and beautifully than 3D.
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a/ 3D design:

3D image looking at the bar bridge of the green tree cafe

The 2nd floor has an area of 150m2 larger than the 1st floor, so it will be used to organize large parties and events, with the central sitting space being a long straight table, which can be freely placed as well as removed when needed. wide space. MOIVAONHATOI has carefully measured to come up with the most reasonable design of the cafe.

b/ Rough construction process:

construction of the space on the second floor of the cafe

The 2nd floor space has the advantage of being spacious, where it is possible to design a lot of seating corners with a variety of furniture here. Before installing the interior, the 2nd floor needs to be plastered, paved and repainted according to the color of the shop.

c/ Interior construction process:

conduct construction of the 2nd floor

Regardless of day or night, the Invite Into My House team tries their best to quickly and accurately execute each project. The image of the construction of Green Coffee Times City cafe on the 2nd floor is being installed with the interior, combined with the cleaning workers, wherever they go, clean and tidy.

e/ And when done:

Cafe furniture wooden furniture

The second floor is arranged with more space, more seating style than the first floor, from single table and chair, sofa, to high chair (bar), or sitting on the couch. In the above image is a sitting podium, the most important function is to turn into a stage for events, live music, in addition, on weekdays, it is a place where young people sit to read books, study in groups with postures. Comfortable seating and large space to display books.

the view overlooking the lake side of the cafe

Another space is arranged with tables and high chairs (bar) overlooking the inner garden of Times City, suitable for those who go alone, or go with 2 people who want a separate sitting corner.

Seating space:

3D sitting corner design with unique decoration

The 2nd floor has an inner corner with the minus point of no windows, but the architect of the MV added points to the angle when designing the podium style to honor the higher sitting position, combined with the wall design to draw pictures of mountain ranges to erase the boredom of the walls.

Completing a unique sitting corner on the 2nd floor

Therefore, although it is a windowless corner, the reality after construction shows that this is the corner chosen by many groups.

Children's play area:

3D design of the play area for young children

Understanding the psychology of parents who are afraid to bring small children, the MV designed a corner specifically for young children, so that parents can safely do their own work without having to fear for their children. The design colors are eye-catching and suitable for the age of the children but still suitable for the general style of the shop.

Children's play area cafe interior
Children's play area cafe interior

The location is considered the most beautiful with the view outward, taking in the most natural sunlight. The above drop-off lights also add a luxurious and cozy look. This place is both to enjoy a cup of coffee and also a fun place for children

Children's play area for cafe
Children's play area for cafe

The children's corner is loved by many children and often comes to play, the space is decorated with cartoon characters, installs more toy systems, suitable for all ages that parents have. Can rest assured to sit and enjoy the coffee.

Overall view of the 2nd floor – Construction – finishing:

Construction of the corner overlooking the lake on the 2nd floor of the cafe

The image of the step-by-step construction of the Hanoi cafe on the 2nd floor is being completed according to our 3D model to ensure the design is always creative for each project.

Complete the most beautiful view of the cafe space on the 2nd floor

Completing the corner with the direction of the window, this is a place to receive direct light from outside space in, more vitality and more positive energy for those who want to come here to enjoy coffee.

Do you like the design of this green cafe by MOIVAONHATOI? Leave us to know!


1Reconstruction of the raw part:
- The masonry
- Plaster, lacquer
- Electricity and water
- The door systems
- Plastic floors, curtains, stairs
330,000,000 VND
7Furniture290,000,000 VND
8Furniture150,000,000 VND
9Decorative tree, logo, signboard150,000,000 VND
11Design fees
TOTAL920,000,000 VND equivalent 3,800,000 VND / m2

If you have a need to design and construct a cafe, restaurant FAST, QUALITY, Reasonable Cost, contact us: MV Construction Company
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