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The design and construction of the petrol station not only requires a simple exterior aesthetic but also requires technical, innovative and modern design methods for the space. In order to meet regulatory standards and support smooth business, MOIVAONHATOI has store design Dai Phat 38 petroleum with the most modern equipment to bring high efficiency and easily help consumers identify the brand easily.

Let MOIVAONHATOI look at the construction of this petrol station with us!

Petroleum store photo

The first 3D version


This is the shop inside of the building. Design of the petroleum store consists of 6 spaces: the living room in the middle with the most spacious and airy space, the next includes the working room, two bedrooms on either side, a kitchenette and a toilet. placed outside. With this model, MOIVAONHATOI has arranged the room in the most convenient and airy way


1, Overall Petroleum STORE design

from construction

construction to create a foundation for petrol stations

Regardless of any project, in order to have a flawless architecture, you must first build a solid foundation. This is the image of the early days of MOIVAONHATOI's gas station construction with the most meticulousness and enthusiasm.

gas shop interior assembly
Picture of construction outside the gas station

Due to the business characteristic of the petrol station door is that vehicles will go in and out frequently, sometimes during peak hours, the number of vehicles entering is very large, so there is a need for an area large enough to accommodate vehicles. when you have to wait. Therefore, it can be seen that this is a reasonable place with an extremely large area to design the gas station, giving customers a comfortable space to travel.

construction of petroleum stores

We are building a petroleum store with a careful selection of materials to plan construction, steps and budget for interior and exterior to match. requirements for functionality, aesthetics and economy of cutomer.

and complete

completing the design of the petroleum store

The project is gradually being completed with safety and beautiful criteria on top priority, our team has constructed the corrugated iron roof, assembled with steel plate to keep it in balance. With Dai Phat petrol station 38 under petrolimex Therefore, the main color will be green on a white background, highlighting and attracting customers when searching for a gas station.

Compare 3D and reality to see that the MV is always designed and constructed more accurately and beautifully than 3D.
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Another corner of the gas station

construction of the gas station inside

The 60% construction process was closely followed by MOIVAONHATOI's team, the work was completed in a short time.

Construction of petrol stations with ornamental plants decoration

Not only beautiful about the exterior of the building, our customers want to decorate the area in front in the most attractive way. Therefore, we have designed more different bonsai pots, increasing the aesthetic value of the store and also protecting the environment.

complete the petrol store

The gas station is designed to add an eye-catching look with a lotus pond in the front, and at the same time is a model in a row of ornamental trees that accentuates the beauty of the store's nature.

2, the gas shop front

during construction

construction inside the gas station

Division of the room so that it is reasonable and true to the original plan, the room is decorated with simple fringes around the wall, but enhances the aesthetic value of the store. The smallest details such as paving bricks, wooden frames, ... are meticulously selected according to customer requirements and in accordance with the proposed 3D plan.

to perfection

completing the main corner of the gas station

Spacious and bright space of the store, highlighted by the main color of blue and white, gives customers the most comfortable feeling.

complete the front of the gas station

The front of the store is also designed with small pots of plants around, the building is installed with more door systems to make the interior space more airy from natural light.

complete the front of the gas station

The space is very spacious and bright with transparent aluminum doors, which can see the activities from both sides quickly, while also observing the activities taking place outside the store closely. Best.

complete the front of the gas station

It is impossible to forget to decorate the pots of plants around the store to create relaxation and harmony, while also increasing the aesthetic value of the whole space filled with vitality.

3, the gas station living room

3D design

3D design inside petrol shop
3D design inside petrol shop

The spacious room is fitted with stretched sofas, with wooden interior designs to create the luxury of this space. With the main color tone of white, the interior can be easily arranged in the most beautiful way. Designing buffalo eye lights around makes the space brighter and more modern than ever.


construction of petroleum stores

This is an image that has been completely repainted with the main tone of white and designed with a buffalo eye lamp for the living room, MOIVAONHATOI is gradually tiling the white floor tiles, increasing the elegance of this room.

construction of petroleum stores

The construction process is happening very quickly and on schedule, step by step the interior of the room is gradually being completed. Using mainly white tones and wood trim for decoration increases the aesthetic beauty and elegance of this room more than ever.

construction of petroleum stores


complete the petrol store

The space is extremely spacious inside with some interior changes according to the requirements of the customer. Dark brown wooden tables and chairs increase the elegance and nobility with wavy pattern details engraved on the chair and table top.

complete the petrol store

The highlight for this room is the white and cloudy white tiles on the wall that brightens the whole room, with the harmonious combination of the plaid wooden tiles creating the harmony and a prominent highlight of the name ”Dai Phat 38 ″.

Compare 3D and reality to see that the MV is always designed and constructed more accurately and beautifully than 3D.
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4, Petroleum store office

3D design of petrol shop office

Next is the office with minimal furniture, but still emphasizes the modernity by the wooden table and white sofa. The surrounding decorative details are also very harmonious and a highlight for the whole room.

completing the gas shop office

Minimalistic working room with many furniture with simplicity on top. Arranged with a large wooden table and chair to work, with wooden tiles behind to make the office brighter.

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5, Gasoline station restroom

construction of toilets for petrol stations

This is a separate area to create convenience for everyone to use. Every design must show care and meticulousness with every small detail.

completing the bathroom of the petrol station

The path to the toilet is beautifully tiled, surrounded by a lot of green trees, creating for this space more vitality. Hand wash basin is designed outside for easy use, inside is tiled with brocade also contributes significantly to the eye of this place.


Looking back at Dai Phat 38 petrol station overall, after completion, MOIVAONHATOI is very honored to have received satisfaction from customers during construction to interior layout so that it is comfortable and convenient. the most eye-catching.

How do you feel about our petrol project? Leave to share and let us know!

Compare 3D and reality to see that the MV is always designed and constructed more accurately and beautifully than 3D.
If you have a need for design and construction of gas stations, shops, offices FAST, QUALITY, Reasonable Cost, contact us: MV Construction Company
Phone: 0908.66.88.10

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