Consultancy on the design of townhouses as offices for rent

Town house design do office lease is now becoming a trend chosen by many homeowners. The combination of home and office brings new inspiration when working, satisfying many passion for business. However, how to get a reasonable, professional space, ensure privacy as well as help employees have a good working environment? Some of the advice below will help you get new ideas at the most reasonable cost.

Renting a townhouse-style office space is the choice of many small and medium-sized companies. Or you want to start a company right in your tube house. Principles townhouse design for office Below will help you get the most reasonable workspace.

Choose a style of townhouse design as an office for rent

Architecture outside and interior interior are two especially important factors. However, modern style will be the most reasonable choice to help optimize the construction cost and time.

Designing townhouses for office rent should be in a modern style
Should choose a modern design style

Instead of the heavy, cumbersome classic style, the simple lines and delicate furniture with perpendicular lines will bring a dynamic beauty and are more suitable for the office.

Designing townhouses for office use should pay attention to color

Color determines the aesthetic factor and also shows the individual personality of each team. Therefore, we need to pay special attention when choosing colors from exterior architecture to interior colors.

Designing townhouses for renting offices
Choosing harmonious colors to create a spacious space

Những gam màu được sử dụng phổ biến trong văn phòng là trắng, xám, be,… Ưu điểm của những màu này là không lỗi mốt, hơn nữa còn tạo không gian rộng thoáng hơn. Tuy nhiên cũng cần quan tâm tới việc tạo điểm nhấn ở những mảng tưởng để tăng tính sáng tạo cho nhân viên.

Designing townhouses to make offices with reasonable space division

An office with eye-catching architecture, perfect interior, impressive colors, but without a reasonable working space will not have an efficient job.

Designing townhouses for renting offices
The space should be properly divided

Townhouses combined with offices for rent need a reasonable division of each space. Usually, these houses will be designed with a ground floor or a facade to take advantage of for rent. Meanwhile, the 2nd and 3rd floors will serve the family's living needs. This division needs to ensure certain science, aesthetics and functionality.

The element of safety and privacy in the design is absolutely essential

To ensure a comfortable living space, in office design For rental we need to pay attention to safety and privacy factors. Please divide the aisles, toilets of the company so that it is reasonable without affecting the family's activities. Should have a separate design to make the space more professional. You should prioritize using smart interior design, making the most of the entire architecture.

Should arrange trees in the floors

designing townhouses for renting offices
Trees bring endless inspiration to both employees and homeowners

Trees not only bring open spaces but also are endless sources of inspiration. This helps employees to work more efficiently. And of course, the design of your office for lease will get the attention of many business owners.

Contact townhouse design for office rental

  • MV Construction Company with many years of experience in the field of construction and interior design. We are confident to be your companion in creating a townhouse space for office lease:
  • Choose a design style that matches the current characteristics of the townhouse.
  • Interior design consulting to ensure the family's living and working space at the office.
  • Divide each area reasonably and beautifully.
  • Minimal cost, fast construction time.

Hopefully, with the above design principles of townhouses, we will help you create a perfect space with a harmonious combination of office and house. Please contact us immediately for more specific advice for your project.

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