Barbecue restaurant design


Address: Alley 74 Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Acreage: 200m2

Construction time: 15 days

Year of implementation: 2015


Bar wall with strange design "Grill restaurant design":

Are you a foodie, exploring street food? If true, maybe Phui Quan will be the place to come to enjoy delicious food, just watching the genuine, simple and unique space here! True to the name "Phui Quan", the details of the restaurant are decorated in a dusty style and full of improvisation, helping guests feel comfortable and close as sitting in their yard.

Stylized suspension light system "grilling restaurant design":

The lighting system here is stylized with ropes wrapped around the lamp body that look very fancy, not only bring full light, filling a cozy space, but also a highlight of the design style. restaurant Phoi Quan.

The view from the entrance to Pho Quan:

Barbecue restaurant design

Located in the alley 74 Tran Hung Dao, the entrance to the restaurant is very wide, cars can enter freely, although in the alley, the area of the restaurant makes many people surprised when they just arrived. Perhaps also because of that, the owner is very enthusiastic and wants to redesign the entire restaurant space according to a particular taste, with artistic characteristics.

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Situation and after completing the shop:

Do you recognize Pho Quan after being completely designed? Dressed in a new shirt with the green of relaxed nature combined with warm red, Phui Quan has become an ideal place for street food lovers, creating a strong impression that keeps them coming back. here.

The scene of guests sitting and eating at Phui Quan:

Barbecue restaurant design

Familiarity and intimacy are always considered to be the leading factors in restaurant and restaurant design, it is decisive and answers the question: "Why go to a restaurant without eating at home?" . That is explained honestly by the happy face, feeling at home like when sitting at Pho Quan restaurant.

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Panoramic view of Pho Quan before and after completion:

(Click to enlarge the image. After zooming in, scroll to zoom in on the details.)

With an immense area, not inferior to the halls, wedding restaurants, tables and chairs serving grilled banquets lined up in rows, ready to welcome the largest group of guests, class meetings or birthdays are endless. from! 

Space to gather with family at the restaurant:

Barbecue restaurant design

It will be the most memorable and wonderful moments of every family member when generations: grandparents, parents, descendants ... sit around the embers, enjoying the hot barbecue and chatting. under a space designed restaurant Phui Quan rustic, idyllic but no less unique.

Construction of concrete floors outside the shop:

Barbecue restaurant design

The outer part of the roof, the shop will not pave but concreting to turn this area into a playground, processing area, or a kitchen outside.

Grill restaurant yard after finishing the design:

Barbecue restaurant design

Taking advantage of the large area, Phui Quan dedicates a private yard to serve small guests while waiting for parents to have meals, have fun and dance freely without worrying about bumping into tables or chairs or other people. Thereby we also see the psychology and deep concern of the owner.

Sparkling beauty in the design of a grill restaurant:

What makes the fantasy here? If observing a little, we can see the smoke rising from the grills combined with the harmonizing light encapsulated in a green space, all making the Pho Quan scene so magical and dreamy. , like being baked in the forest!

Joy is found in beautiful space:

The ancients still often have the saying: "Sad people never have fun," but Moivaonhatoi firmly believes that "Beautiful scenes, people always happy", that is the mind of the owner who wants to bring to customers. I love each and every time I come to Pho Quan, perhaps that purpose and intention was very successful when it was realized through this design of Pho Quan restaurant.

Enjoy delicious and beautiful baked goods at Pho Quan barbecue restaurant:

Barbecue restaurant design

How to make the restaurant always crowded?, What do you need to come back ?, is still a question that seems to all the restaurants and cafes today are always wondering and want to do it. The answer includes many factors such as: food, sitting space, price, service attitude ... But perhaps the space to design a nice restaurant and a beautiful restaurant is considered to be the most important factor, because If you sit well, eat better, you will feel better. If you sit well, you will feel more relaxed. If you sit well, you will remember longer and will come back. And the design of Phoi Quan Barbecue Restaurant is one of the leading restaurant models in Hanoi in terms of dusty design, unique layout, and beautiful decoration in the busy street of Tran Hung Dao. It would be great to enjoy the food and scenery here with friends or family, it was really memorable moments. We wish the Pho Quan restaurant to always be expensive and bring joy, delicious meals to customers.  

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