The 20th century was a period of strong development of furniture. Along with that is the appearance of famous interior designers. Their influence extends far beyond the houses they make. Join MOIVAONHATOI to learn about 5 iconic designers and their work.

1. Designer Elsie de Wolfe

The work of interior designer Elsie de Wolfe

Elsie de Wolfe (aka Lady Mendl) is often credited with inventing the profession of interior design. Her designs are light and airy, filled with French furniture, chintz, and animal motifs. The dark and elaborate decor was omitted by the designer, replaced by simple furniture with a neat layout.

2. Designer Tony Duquette

Tony Duquette's work

Tony Duquette is an interior designer known for Maximalism style (max style) legendary. This style emphasizes the mixing of colors and furniture, encourages repetition, and indispensable for patterns and textures. His most prominent work is the Dawnridge house in Beverly Hills built in 1949.

3. Designer Dorothy Draper

designer dorothy

Known for its “modern Baroque” style that shines in public spaces such as hotel lobbies, theaters and restaurant. Dorothy Draper eschews classic rooms with a bold, vibrant style that blends colors and patterns, with touches that include chintz and black. The homes he designed are all very luxurious and modern, and his design expression is still applicable today.

4. Designer Billy Baldwin

Billy Baldwin's interiors favor crisp cottons and mix old and new pieces for a modern American look. Baldwin's work often feels very refined, well-groomed, and really neat. Every detail is meticulously cared for, bringing strong internal force but not too prominent.

5. Designer Jean-Michel Frank

Jean-Michel Frank is a French interior designer who has worked in Europe and the United States. He invented the Parsons desk, a classic yet minimalist design. Subtle designs of minimalism, elegance, and clean lines are still influential in today's designs.

Above are 5 iconic interior designers of the 20th century, compiled by MOIVAONHATOI. If you have design needs, apartment construction, house, villa, office Then please contact us, our experienced team of architects will advise you in detail

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