Officetel is a type of apartment which is quite strange to many people when it has just appeared on the real estate market recently, so what is Officetel specifically? Are officetel apartments supposed to be legal? And what are the pros and cons? MOIVAONHATOI will answer all of you in the article below.



What is officetel

Officetel is a compound word with two nouns: Office (office) and Hotel (houses). Each officetel apartment has a small area, from 25 m2 to 50 m2, suitable for many different customers, especially entrepreneurs and small business owners. This type can both meet the daily needs of homeowners, and can provide a comfortable space for the activities of the company.


When imported to Vietnam, officetel has the following characteristics:

Working space at officetel
  • Officetel apartments bring standard features of an office such as: aisle and specialized elevator, reception, reception area, desk, company name board, ...
  • People living in officetel apartments can register for temporary residence and overnight stays without being limited by the transaction time. At the same time, the owner of the apartment can use most of the building's utilities such as: community room, play area, Park, gym, swimming pool, ...
  • Typically, an Officetel apartment is also cheaper than other apartments.

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Like other apartments, Officetel has its own advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider before choosing this type. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of officetel? Let's find out with MOIVAONHATOI:


When housing prices, as well as the rent of apartments and offices are "escalating", Officetel apartment is a perfect solution. Overall, Officetel is gradually becoming a new trend of the working space era. Officetel has not only saved you a lot of money in renting space, but it also brought you advanced technology in the operation process. Officetel was born to busy people who don't know how to balance life and work. Thanks to Officetel you can easily carry out transactions in time zone with foreign switches. Not only can your employees increase productivity and workload, but you can also save on rental costs and large offices yourself. In addition, this is also an ideal place for professionals to work and relax instead of staying in expensive hotels.

neutral cardboard officetel furniture
  • With an area of only 25 m2 to 50 m2, Officetel has a much cheaper price than a normal apartment is a benefit that we can easily see.
  • Officetel guarantees comfort when the facilities provided bring 5 star quality.
  • Today, Officetel model has become quite popular because it has just met the needs of rest and work, but the price is still cheap, so many small businesses have chosen this solution. Therefore, the profitability from renting apartments Officetel also from that comes up.
  • Officetel is often used to set up a representative office for the company so it is often located in prime locations in the city center, convenient for travel to anywhere.
  • Officetel also guarantees basic legal rights such as transfer ownership, mortgage rights, ...


Integrated bedroom workspace
  • Because the area is quite limited, only about 25 m2 to 50 m2, officetel apartments only meet the needs of small and medium enterprises. In the case of large companies, the large number of employees, this model is difficult to meet.
  • Officetel apartments only have a maximum of 50 ownership. Therefore, compared to the housing which can be owned for life, this is also a weakness of this type.
  • Although the rent is often lower than the average apartment or office, to fully enjoy the services, and management technology, you also have to spend a small amount of money.


Despite understanding what officetel is, there are many people who wonder if this type of apartment is really legal?

In fact, officetel office apartments offer 50 years ownership in developing countries. This regulation aims to ensure the land fund and diversify types of housing, helping the development of people's life. In Vietnam, officetel office apartments are also limited in terms of ownership period and have the ability to renew more.

Industrial wood furniture for common living space

According to Article 123 of Housing Law, and Decree 43/2014, the life of a condominium is divided into long-term condominiums and condominiums with a definite term, subject to classification and quality submit for each investment project recognized in the Certificate of housing ownership

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Not everyone using this type of apartment can achieve the desired results. However, there are still types of businesses that are particularly suitable for Officetel and can take advantage of this type of apartment to develop well in the future. Those businesses are:

Interior white officetel cardboard
  • Newly established companies, small and medium enterprises operating in the fields of technology, services .. (start up companies), the number of employees is usually no more than 10 people. The location of the office requires a prime location, close to the city center to facilitate business transactions, as well as save a lot of time and money.
  • Research experts, and entrepreneurs plan to work permanently in Vietnam. Or foreign companies based in the city center. Officetel apartments with advantages near the center, convenient to work, shopping will be what these objects need.
  • Customers, investors who have money, and want to invest to make a profit instead of saving, or simply buying to accumulate assets. With a profit of about 8% - 10% per year on the total value of apartments, Officetel is a really attractive investment channel. The average income from officetel apartments is about 9%. (* Depending on the project location, this number varies widely).

Above is all the basic information about this interesting Officetel apartment model. Hope you understand what officetel is and its characteristics. Do you think this type is right for you? Think about it when you want to integrate your office with housing in the future!

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