Interior design apartment Ocean Park 60 m2


Acreage: 60 m2

total cost of construction: 110 million

Construction time:

– 2020 –

Interior design apartment Ocean Park 60 m2


In 2020, MOIVAONHATOI has the opportunity to design and execute many projects. In particular, we are very pleased when designing interior construction for apartments Ocean Park. The status of the apartment has included certain furniture, our job is to add new furniture, reasonable decorative motifs and arrange them scientifically to create a lively living space. , eye-catching and more convenient. You are invited to view our designs for Ocean Park apartment furniture


interior layout plan of Ocean Park apartment

The layout of the interior clearly shows the structure of the Ocean park apartment as well as the materials we choose in interior design. Ocean Park apartment includes: living room, kitchen - dining room, master bedroom, kid's bedroom, toilet and 2 lots.



ocean park kitchen living room status quo

Status of living room - kitchen of Ocean Park apartment has kitchen cabinets, electric temple system, air conditioner. However, this is still a pure white space, no highlight. Therefore, our mission is to add new furniture that has been carefully designed to highlight the living space at the Ocean Park apartment.

3d design kitchen living room

The kitchen cabinets remain the same, but we have retrofitted a dramatic bookcase near the ceiling. The interesting thing here is that the air conditioner is placed in a cabinet designed by us. This is a "concealed" design that makes the interior space more sophisticated than we have applied for this Ocean Park apartment. This bookcase bears a white tone - light brown wood rustic but very modern. To join it, it is indispensable for a simple dining table set also made of bright cardboard wood to help the family have comfortable meals together.

3d design kitchen living room ocean park apartment

Right next to that bookcase is the shelf to the TV is a long single cabinet with many drawers. On that shelf again contained a thin, warm, polite gray bookshelf. Bookshelves with shelves for homeowners to store books or souvenirs that they love. The wall where the TV hangs is adorned with bright Chevron vignette patterns and bright wood grain pattern. This is definitely an interesting highlight to highlight the beauty of the furniture designed in Ocean Park apartments.

Living room interior decoration

To create a sense of uniformity with this luxurious space, we designed cotton sofas with elegant gray tones. Accompanied by indispensable round tea table with glass ball surface just clean yet attractive. Knowing the homeowners really like to show their collected items, we have designed a separate wooden cabinet with white tones mounted on the wall of the sofa. Bookcase shelves with drawers designed as square branches will certainly be a highlight that homeowners must be proud of.

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Interior design of ocean park apartment living room

This space at the Ocean park apartment will be more decorated if we design a unique chandelier of branches divided into thin bulbs like leaves on the trunk that look interesting. A gray carpet of gray cardboard is also equipped with additional equipment for the owners to feel comfortable and warm every time they come to this area.

ocean park apartment kitchen furniture

The special thing is that we remade all the floors of the living room - the kitchen. In the past, this space used to use white glazed tiles, but now we have chosen wood texture with special wood texture to floor here. As a result, the living room - kitchen becomes more modern and friendly.

Interior design of living room - kitchen

Knowing that the homeowner is also an art enthusiast and wants to have a private space to study the piano, we have set up the space in the kitchen, next to the master bedroom door to place the piano. We did not forget to set up a small bookshelf on the piano above the wall so that the owner can conveniently take the piano learning books on it.

Interior design apartment Ocean Park 60 m2

We also placed a small wooden shoe cabinet with 3 cabinets and a white painted drawer near the door. The furniture we add to the common living space ensures simplicity, convenience but still very luxurious and modern.


status of master bedroom master apartment ocean park

Basically, the status of the master bedroom is available with laminate flooring, plaster ceilings with electric temple system and air conditioning.

Interior design master bedroom ocean park apartment

Now, when receiving the master bedroom design for the Ocean Park apartment, we have entered the furniture such as bed, wardrobe, chalkboard, curtains. Like the living room - kitchen, we also chose creamy white tones for this bedroom. We also decorated the bed walls with white chevron vignettes.

status of master bedroom master apartment ocean park

The status of the master bedroom also has large glass windows made of xingfa aluminum frames. Doors allow natural light to enter the room.

master bedroom interior design

To regulate the lighting effectively, we have placed a dark brown tone curtains to shield the windows when needed. Right under the window is a high quality mdf wood bed. The bed box block is individually designed with the length equal to the width of the room. Headboard is also a thick wooden block. We chose to design a simple bed according to the owner's wishes, as well as create a synchronization in the interior of the entire Ocean Park apartment.

Master bedroom furniture apartment ocean park

Very simple, wooden chalkboard with 2 small drawers attached right on the wall. Comes with a round bed is also attached right at the wall to save space. Wooden wardrobe includes 2 wings pull out the elegant white paint. Cabinets are designed with dramatic ceilings and the cabinets are beveled into a soft curve. These shelves are a place for homeowners to display their brand bags.

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ocean park child bedroom status quo

Child bedrooms are quite modest, so we have to design the interior in the most scientific and intelligent way to make full use of the space.

Child bedroom furniture ocean park apartment

The bedroom includes a bunk bed, a wardrobe, and a study table that are tied together into a convenient block. To design the girls' bedroom, we chose the soft, lovely pink-white color tones that are very popular with children.

ocean park child bedroom status quo

According to science, the desk near the window will help children be more inspired to learn. So we designed the desk right next to the window area. The desk was also attached to the bunk bed that walked across the width of the room.

Interior design child bedroom ocean park apartment

The school table has small drawers that run across the width of the table and the foot of the table helps your child have the storage of his / her favorite learning tools. In addition, the bookshelf mounted on the wall has 3 empty compartments, 4 cabinets are designed to be dramatic, but still convenient for children in the process of taking things because of the low ceiling condition.

Child bedroom furniture

In particular, the sliding door wardrobe is designed at each bed floor to help babies even sitting on the bed can easily get clothes. The 1st floor bed is connected to the 2nd floor thanks to the simple ladder system. Babies located on the 2nd floor also ensure absolute safety thanks to the wooden "fence" surrounding the 2nd floor of the bed. Thus, they can sleep and play in bed without worrying about being rolled out.

Do you like the designs of MOIVAONHATOI for Ocean Park apartments? If so, let us know right away!

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