Interior design of living room with kitchen


Address: Hang Bong, Hanoi

Acreage: 35m2

Cost of construction: 150 million

Construction time: 18 days

— 2012 —


Master plan - interior design of a living room with a kitchen: 3D drawings

Interior design of living room with kitchen

The photo above is a 3D drawing of the living room and kitchen furniture after renovation. The main door goes from the left, the first space is the area for the shoes, then comes altar, living room, and finally kitchen and WC. The space is divided by a partition to decorate the living room, or a plaster ceiling type.

With living room bedroom, reference Nice bedroom instant living room

Photos before renovating and construction process of interiors in the living room:

Initially, the 35m2 house was divided in half by hard partitions, to divide half for the living room interior and half for the kitchen. Therefore, the first thing to do is to break down the hard partition, and replace it with an open partition to decorate the living room, to create a wide, deep space.

Living room interior is more beautiful after renovation - view from the main entrance:

Interior design of living room with kitchen

The depth and wide space make the living room more beautiful, more eye-catching, and also optimize the area of the house.

The situation of old living room ceiling:

Interior design of living room with kitchen

The old ceiling was built during the French period, so the beams were short, many beams. Make the room more crowded, and lose aesthetics. And the tube lighting system, like the current situation, is about to be replaced by a buffalo eye system and a decorative ceiling lamp with plasterboard decorating the living room.

And after fixing - gypsum ceiling with wood spokes:

Interior design of living room with kitchen

Interior design and construction of townhouses Eastern Asian style. The new ceiling was designed to divide the space, between the foyer (including the altar and the shoe room) and the interior (the living room), and finally the kitchen. The wooden spokes on the lobby ceiling help the plaster ceiling look modern but still Asian, in accordance with the criteria of the old living room's interior. At the same time, it is also very suitable for the worship space below, and avoid being exposed to smoky incense sticks on the ceiling.

Current situation and 3D drawings of living room design:

Completing a beautiful living room "living room interior with kitchen":

Interior design of living room with kitchen

The living room seemed to be completely transformed. From ceiling details to wall panels. the wall behind the back of the chair is accented with a dark wallpaper color, combining wooden spokes, creating a classic appearance, making the antique furniture and tables placed in harmony. Kitchen partition - the living room is also made of wood. The main color of the wooden furniture is brown and white, making the room vivid color, both classic and modern, not causing eye fatigue.

Backseat of current sofas and 3D drawings of living room furniture:

The living room is more beautiful when completed:

Interior design of living room with kitchen

The dominant light of decorating the living room is warm, golden light. A living room space integrates from the position of the furniture, the detailed lines, and the light like that, giving the impression of every guest entering. Looking at the images above, if you imagine you are entering this room, will you feel impressed?

Facade with balcony view - 3D drawing of living room interior:

Interior design of living room with kitchen

And after constructing the living room decoration partition:

Interior design of living room with kitchen

The partition between the balcony area and the living room is two partitions. On one side is the fish tank that the landlord wants to keep, and on the other is the cupboard for the reception of tea. A difficult point when designing this house is that the owner wants to keep many furniture and antique types. For example: antique furniture, large fish tank, carving. While the house area is very small, it is very difficult to find the layout. Moreover, almost the architect Everyone likes to apply modern style to the throne The house is tight, but with such a number of antique furnishings, it is necessary to change the design style into the interior of the ancient Asian living room, but still not cumbersome, causing more cramped for the room.

The vertical view from the balcony - 3D drawing design:

Interior design of living room with kitchen

And living room after construction:

Interior design of living room with kitchen

Current kitchen corner and 3D kitchen design drawings:

One spot seen right away in the picture of the kitchen's status is: Cramped, messy layout, unattended furniture (such as kitchen cupboards above, kitchen sinks) ... Looking at such kitchen, the user also does not have The inspiration to stand in the kitchen for a long time to create delicious food, or to clean the kitchen is also a difficult thing because everything does not have its own place?

After construction, the kitchen is more beautiful than "living room interior and kitchen":

Interior design of living room with kitchen

With a beautiful kitchen after completing the above, surely the landlord will feel more comfortable when cooking. The house has an area, can make beautiful, what crime does not beauty. My house has been living for decades, isn't it?

An incredible change, similar to Hang Trong Old Town House:

Interior design of living room with kitchen

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White brown painted kitchen cabinets:

Interior design of living room with kitchen

Beautiful kitchen cabinets with natural wood design, and white painted cabinets make the kitchen brighter and more spacious. This is not a luxurious, expensive kitchen cabinet, but with a reasonable design, the beauty is also very prominent.

View from the kitchen to the living room "the living room inter-kitchen interior":

Interior design of living room with kitchen

Same area, but the house looks like it expanded a lot after repairs.

Kitchen partition - balcony, current condition and after furniture repair:

Classic architecture Aluminum glass doors - Iron flower in the past has changed with decorative wooden walls combined with fish tanks.

Living room partitions - balconies, current situation and after fixing the living room furniture:

Some other views of the living room "living room interiors kitchen"

What is the floor of this house in your opinion? A small tip, this is 15 x 60 cm fake wood bricks. The pattern and texture are exactly the same, the only difference is the temperature when touched. With this type of wooden floor, do not worry about the kitchen floor gets wet.

The view of the worship area - the main door before repairing:

Interior design of living room with kitchen

Church room design Right next to the aisle, on the way to the living room, so the design put on the wooden spokes on the ceiling to make this space more exalted, not to be forgotten as quickly hurrying and looking focused on the living room.

And after fixing, merging with the living room "the living room inter-kitchen":

Interior design of living room with kitchen

It can be said that for each small and tight building, it is a difficult problem to design and execute.

Because it is a meticulous investment in the design stage, it is necessary to carefully study the arrangement of space and objects so that the traffic is convenient and the view is clear.

It is careful and rhythmic in the construction stage, because with an area of 35m2 but every day the construction is always available for 4 - 10 workers to do it together, but still does not affect each other's work and must be fast progress. quickly.

So when completed, those are always the most satisfactory works.

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