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Address: 107B1 Tran Huu Tuoc (opposite Ho Dac Di), Hanoi

Acreage: 60m2

Cost of construction: 90 million

Design + Construction Time: 12 days

— 2010 —


Renovating a dormitory old into Ruby Cafe, facing the Xa Dan Lake (Ho Dac Di Street), from an area of 30m2, expanded, chiseled into the inside of 90m2 ...

The walls here are made of concrete, and are dormitories so construction will affect surrounding households, but with store design For business, moivaonhatoi needs to execute the project in the fastest time (See construction schedule at: Estimated time of construction cost) the drawings just stopped at the sketch were immediately put into construction.

Status: 3D design of cafe:

Status: 3D design of cafe:

After 12 days of constructing the cafe:

cafe design

As a business, the items in the store are constructed with the cheapest price but still have to catch the eye! So have to use the cheapest material and ... the best design.

Both the above billboard and the lighting system cost ... 1.5 million VND !!!

Tempered glass front door and aluminum glass door of the front bar cost ... 3.5 million !!!

Bar front:

Located facing the lake, Cafe Ruby takes advantage of the old side walkway, to become a Bar area and has a bar overlooking the front, convenient to serve guests sitting by the lake.

Inside the cafe:

Cut the wall ... ... to get:

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Simple cafe furniture:

cafe design

Looking from inside out:

Cut the wall ... ... to get:

The cafe interior is as wide as:

cafe design

Bar cafe with simple design:

cafe design

Bar when completing cafe design:

cafe design

Like Ice cream tea restaurant design I like, Ruby cafe, with meticulous and detailed decoration. From tablecloths, flower vases on the table ... Therefore, the shop is beautiful or not depends very much on the use process, in addition to beautiful details.

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Cafe Ruby was completed in 12 days (both design and construction) to serve the 2010 World Cup, although not yet completed 100%, but Tuan still gives pictures of his achievements for you to see and comment.

You can visit and watch directly at the address: Cafe Ruby 107B1 Tran Huu Tuoc (opposite Ho Dac Di)

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