Address: Huyen Vu Showroom, 605 Ngo Gia Tu, Long Bien, Hanoi

Acreage: 100 m2 x 2 floors

— 2012 —


Perspective 3D design showroom Tanzi Huyen Vu:

Showroom Huyen Vu 3D design perspective

Construction process of sanitary equipment showroom:

Complete design of sanitary ware showroom:

The showroom has been completed with 2 floors of product displays

Floor 1 - 3D sanitary showroom design

sanitary equipment showroom

Supermarket design This sanitary ware focuses on the high-end customer segment. Therefore, the main highlight of the first floor is the round tub, which creates a luxurious and different from regular WC equipment stores:

Therefore, the main highlight of this Showroom design is the round tub:

The round tub and long ceiling lights are the main highlight of this showroom

sanitary equipment showroom

Seen from the outside, from the status quo to completion:

Furniture showroom Tanzi Huyen Vu stands out with the design that not everyone has:

Sample tub designed to display impressive modern

sanitary equipment showroom

Wooden furniture displaying sanitary equipment:

sanitary equipment showroom

Not as wide as these supermarketInterior design showroom Huyền Vũ chỉ sử dụng mặt bằng của 1 townhouse, tube house, but the showroom still divides the vivid space, creating simulated WC rooms

Refer: Nail salon design

Round-floor bathtub:

sanitary equipment showroom

2m x 2m round bath with full of features: jacuzzi, jacuzzi, TV ..

Floor 2 - 3D sanitary Showroom design:

sanitary equipment showroom

Construction process on the second floor of the showroom:

The 2nd floor is also arranged as WC rooms when finished

And perfect the design of the store displaying sanitary ware products:

sanitary equipment showroom

Mirror on the wall, making the bath more glitter:

sanitary equipment showroom

WC room with modern shower cabin:

sanitary equipment showroom

Glass bathroom cabin interior:

See more models of shower cabins: 116 models of sanitary ware, cabin, bathtub, shower

Overview of the 2nd floor of wc sanitary ware display area:

The 2nd floor showroom displays a lot of washbasins, bathroom cabins, classic and modern sanitary ware

sanitary equipment showroom

Design showroom of sanitary equipment, impressive tiles from the facade:

Below MOIVAONHATOI would like to introduce photos of the showroom that are under construction and photos of completed construction.

The side of the store with wide glass walls:

sanitary equipment showroom

It can be said that the showroom of Tanzi Huyen Vu is just a townhouse, just like any other sanitary ware store, but it has created its own impression, different from the regular shops.

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